Para a mulher brasileira- A experiência do gênero na cidade de São Paulo em visão estrangeira

Brazilian Women Objectification in Media

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Brazilian Women Objectification in Media

While I was doing research for my final Portuguese presentation I typed “Mulher Brasileira” (Brazilian woman) in google- and only pictures of almost naked women, exhibiting their voluptuous bodies appeared. Such a disappointing and unfair view. Just to see if it was only something about typing he word “mulher”, which generally leads to objectification, I typed “mulher americana” (American woman) and although there were still some naked bodies in the results, it wasn’t as bad at all- and same happened when I typed “mulher colombiana” (Colombian woman.) How can this image be changed? Why not show other more representative things of the female Brazilian culture? How long would this perception take to change?


Author: Valeria Ricciulli

Valeria Ricciulli is a New York based Colombian journalist, passionate about the merging of media and truth for the sake of social change. She previously worked as a breaking news reporter for, and as a digital news intern for El Diario New York, covering crime, local politics, health, and culture. She's currently pursuing an M.S. in Media Management at The New School.

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