Para a mulher brasileira- A experiência do gênero na cidade de São Paulo em visão estrangeira

Bonita? Eu!

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Bonita? Eu!

Given that my (awesome) days in Brazil are coming to an end, I have decided to start wrapping things up by presenting my concluding thoughts on my perceptions about gender. So, As the main image of the blog states, I think every single Brazilian woman is pretty- Why? because they have resisted so many years of machismo, domestic violence, and worldwide stereotyping and objectification…And now they’re moving forward. If you are a Brazilian woman concerned about gender issues in your country, please check out this blog: It was started by Juliana de Faria, a Journalist from PUC-SP, and it promotes discussion on several  interesting topics with campaigns such as “Chega de Fiu Fiu” and “100 vezes Claudia,” which I will talk more about later. If you believe in empowering of women, regardless of your nationality, you should check it out as well! It’s a “think tank” for EVERYONE to have an input in the discussion- and staying together, which, I’ve concluded, is the key for thriving in what we want to accomplish! With the theme: Ser Mulher No Brasil (Being a Woman in Brazil), I will be posting interesting images on a daily basis to foster thoughts and raise awareness.


Author: Valeria Ricciulli

I am a Colombian journalist passionate about the merging of media and truth for the sake of social change.

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